PTO Calendar
*Please note that some dates are subject to change.  Changes will be communicated through the Wednesday E-Envelope.      

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PTO Board Meeting
15  Little Caesar's Pizza Order Kick Off
30  Teacher Appreciation Luncheon
Confirmation Reception
PTO Board Meeting
13  Little Caesar's Pick Up
13  Homeroom Valentine's Day Parties for Grades K-3
13  Staff Conference Dinner
18  4th Grade Grandparent/Special Friend Breakfast
20  Box Tops Contest Ends
Pen Pal Event for 1st & 7th Grades
PTO Board Meeting
PTO Board Meeting
10  Ball Drop Sales Kick Off
22-23  Rummage Sale Drop Off
24-25  Rummage Sale
30  Kindergarten Grandparent/Special Friend Breakfast
Screening Day
2nd Grade Grandparent/Special Friend Mass & Breakfast
PTO Board Meeting
9 Ball Drop Sales End
22  Olympic Day
28 8th Grade Yearbook Signing & Luncheon
28  Homeroom End of Year Parties
29  Graduation & Reception

** Please Note some dates are subject to change - we will keep you posted via Wednesday E-Envelope, Wednesday Envelope, and Facebook (St. James PTO)