Alumni News

MARCH 30, 2021

Congratulations to the following young ladies who were named to the third quarter honor roll at Seton High School:

First Honors:

Kate Doll (‘20), Emma Buelterman (‘18), Lucy Graff (‘17), and Zoe Loftus (‘17)

Second Honors:

Mackenzie Griffin (‘20), Lauren Lesko (‘20), Lucy Wullenweber (‘18), and Abby Jungkunz (‘17)

FEBRUARY 9, 2021
Congratulations to the following young men who were named to the second quarter La Salle High School Honor Roll:

First Honors:

Class of 2020

Jacob DeLaet, Nate Gerhardstein, Luke Hageman, Alexander Jovicic, Andrew Knizner, Landon Lesko, Luke Limle, Kyle Reynolds, Michael Stewart, Jack Suer, Joe Suer, and Tyler Weber

Class of 2019

Mitch Creighton, Charlie Etris, Ryan Godbey, Jackson Gruber, AJ Hudepohl, Ben Jungkunz, Gabe Loftus, Jude Ludwig, Joey Paulinelli, Jake Rhodes, Noah Seng, Johnathan Teuschler, Liam Venia, and Kenny Zang

Class of 2018

Adam Deitschel, Andrew Fisher, Jackson Huxel, Ben Kerth, Michael Lang, Raymond Lipps, Charlie Pearson, Austin Rack, Ryan Reynolds, Nick Ritter, Reece Robinson, Carson Schneider, and Luke Winiarski

Class of 2017

Zander Benz, Kellen Bleh, Zachary Branam, Daniel Breslin, William Burba, Jayke Frederick, Evan Griffiths, Tommy Hambrick, Robby Heinecke, Nathan Merritt, Joseph Nieman, John Peter, Benjamin Reeder, Benjamin Schloss, John Schweder, Ben Seibert, Zachary Torbeck, and Jimmy Wheeler

Second Honors:

Class of 2020

Bryson Fitzgerald, Ian Hufford, and Harrison Wood

Class of 2019

Dhruv Patel, Sam Wingert, and Matthew Zimmer

Class of 2018

Luke Elfers

Class of 2017

Andrew Greene

FEBRUARY 2, 2021
Congratulations to the following young ladies who have been named to the Seton High School second quarter Honor Roll:

First Honors:

Class of 2018

Emma Buelterman

Class of 2017

Lucy Graff

Zoe Loftus

Second Honors:

Class of 2020

Mackenzie Griffin

Lauren Lesko

Class of 2018

Lucy Wullenweber

Class of 2017

Abigail Jungkunz

Congratulations to the following young men named to the St. Xavier High School second quarter Honor Roll:

First Honors:

Class of 2020

Keegan Barbee, Joey Knizner, Justin Kumar, Luke Meierjohan, and Dylan Wachtel

Class of 2019

Michael Hamburg and Austin Schraivogel

Class of 2018

Ryan Meierjohan, Joey Tonnis, and Kyle White

Class of 2017

Nicholas Bloemer, Evan Day, Thomas Fago, Charles Hewald, Connor Hickey, Justin Nienaber, and Eric Zimmerman

Second Honors:

Class of 2020

JD Bronstrop, Hayden Krieger, and Billy Porotsky

Class of 2018

Andrew Humbert

Class of 2017

David Jung and Aaron Porotsky

JANUARY 26, 2021
Congratulations to Emma Buelterman (’18), who was inducted into the National Honor Society at Seton High School.

Jacob Haap (‘17) recently graduated from high school a semester early, earning twelve college credits through Cincinnati State along the way. He is the CEO and Chairman of Different Human, a registered startup corporation. Jacob has been accepted into the summer session at Draper University, a program that will put him in contact with venture capitalists. Past speakers at Draper include people like Elon Musk. Over the past year, Jacob has organized multiple competitive tech events in Ohio and California - and additionally, he won another such event on the West Coast as a competitor. Jacob gave a TEDx talk last year at the Tech Olympics, and he plans to attend Flathead Community College in Montana in the Fall. Congratulations Jacob!

JANUARY 12, 2021
Congratulations to La Salle senior, Zach Branam (‘17), who was named the Division II Offensive Player of the Year for football. Zach was one of the Tri-GCL South Players of the Year and was First Team GCL. He accounted for 29 touchdowns (11 passing, 18 rushing) for the Lancers. He had 1,395 rushing yards and 1,536 throwing yards for the 8-3 Lancers who made it to the Division II state semifinals for a second straight year. As a junior, Branam led La Salle to the DII state title.

Congratulations to La Salle juniors, Austin Rack (’18) & Ryan Reynolds (‘18), who were named Division II First Team GCL in football.

Congratulations to La Salle junior, Charlie Pearson (’18), who was named Division I Second Team in soccer.

Congratulations to Mount Notre Dame junior, Emma Frey (’18), who was named Division I Honorable Mention in soccer.

Congratulations to Danielle Mouch (‘12), who made her debut at the Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre as Pinky Tuscadero in Happy Days the Musical. The musical is based off the hit TV show with popular characters such as the Fonz, Richie and Joanie Cunningham. Danielle will be performing in Florida until February 14 and continue the show in Lancaster, PA until April 3. 

JANUARY 5, 2021
Six La Salle seniors all graduated this year from the Lasalle golf program. They are all St. James graduates of the Class of 2017. Pictured are Ben Schloss, Joey Nieman, Jimmy Wheeler, John Peter, Andrew Greene and Tommy Hambrick. Congratulations on a great career!

DECEMBER 15, 2020
Congratulations to 2016 graduate, Hannah Schott, who recently enlisted in the US Air Force! Hannah left for Basic Training in San Antonio, TX, at Lackland Air Force Base. Good luck, Hannah and thank you for your service!

DECEMBER 8, 2020
Congratulations to 2018 graduate, Nick Uhl, who is starting right guard of the St. Xavier 2020 GCL Champions and Ohio Div. 1 Football State Championship Team of 2020!  Great work #61; we are so proud of you!

SEPTEMBER 22, 2020
The La Salle Lancer golf team is knee deep into their golf season this year. On this team are seven seniors, six of them St. James alumni, Class of 2017. On the team are Andrew Greene, Tommy Hambrick, Joey Nieman, John Peter, Ben Schloss and Jimmy Wheeler. All of these boys played for the St. James golf team and continued their play into high school. Some of these boys have played all four years for the Lancers. Congratulations to them all and good luck to them and the entire La Salle golf team!

SEPTEMBER 15, 2020
Congratulations to the Evan Day (‘17), named a semifinalist in the 2021 National Merit Scholarship Competition! Evan is a senior at St. Xavier High School

Congratulations to Billy Porotsky ('20), who was awarded the David Bradley Wick Foundation Scholarship. This scholarship is used toward tuition at a local Archdiocesan or Interparochial high school. Billy is a freshman at St. Xavier.


Jake Knapke (‘13) recently created Everybody Headwear. Visit the website to check out his selection of hats.

Allie Lammers (‘20), goalkeeper for the Mount Notre Dame Cougars, earned a win in her first varsity start on 8/24/20.


APRIL 7, 2020 NEWS
Congratulations to the following young men who have been named to the La Salle High School third quarter Honor Roll:

Class of 2019

First Honors:

Mitchell Creighton, Charlie Etris, Jackson Gruber, AJ Hudepohl, Ben Jungkunz, Gabe Loftus, Jude Ludwig, Dhruv Patel, Joseph Ludwig, Jake Rhodes, Noah Seng, Jonathan Teuschler, Liam Venia

Second Honors: 

Ryan Godbey, Zach Morris, Kenny Zang

Class of 2018

First Honors:

Adam Deitschel, Andrew Fisher, Jackson Huxel, Benjamin Kerth, Michael Lang, Raymond Lipps, Garrison Peters, Austin Rack, Nick Ritter, Reece Robinson, Carson Schneider

Second Honors:

Charlie G. Pearson 

Class of 2017

First Honors:

Zander Benz, Kellen Bleh, Zachary Branam, Daniel Breslin, William Burba, Jayke Frederick, Evan Griffiths, Tommy Hambrick, Robby Heincke, Nathan Merritt, Joseph Nieman, John Peter, Benjamin Reeder, Benjamin Schloss, John Schneider, Ben Seibert, Jacob Soto, Zachary Torbeck, Jimmy Wheeler

Second Honors:

Jason Minges

Class of 2016

First Honors:

Jonathan Crase, Michael Hartig, Bradley Kramer, Tyler Meiners, Simon Nicholas, Hunter Nicholas, Jason Oberjohann, Nicholas Stewart, Jonathan Tegge, Thomas Verhoff, Evan Yeazell

Second Honors:

Jacob Seibert



Congratulations to the following young ladies who were named to the Ursuline Academy second quarter honor roll:
First Honors: Miranda Nienaber (‘17)
Honors: Ember Rolf (‘18)

Congratulations to Cole Combs ('16), who was named the Mercy Health Classic Most Valuable Player. He was six for seven from the field, and scored 14 points in their league win versus Little Miami.


Congratulations to the following young ladies on being named to the St. Ursula Academy second quarter honor roll:


Class of 2019
Megan Knapke

Class of 2018
Annelise Bronstrop
Caroline Caudill
Lindsay Coughlin
Brooke Hunstad

Class of 2017
Megan Lang
Claire Schulte
Grace York

Class of 2016
Natalie Archdeacon
Colleen Booth


Class of 2019
Cara Thiemann

Class of 2016
Emma Helwig

Congratulations to the following young ladies on being named to the Mercy McAuley second quarter honor roll:


Class of 2019
Leah Russell
Lizzie Schloss
Julia Verhoff

Class of 2018
Madelyn Blake
Carly Fulmer
Rose Hewald
Mackenzie Meehan
Natalie Smith

Class of 2017
Mollie Bigner
Nora Ludwig
Krishi Patel
Olivia Rack
Ava Scott
Elizabeth Verhoff

Class of 2016
Kathryn Brucato
Emily Girmann
Megan Hoffman
Abigail Krieger
Hannah Krieger
Rachel Kumar
Anna Riedel


Class of 2019
Kaylee Bredestege
Ella Davis
Karen Kiganda
Jocelyn Obszarski
Elizabeth Stafford

Class of 2018
Leah Bosse
Grace Hageman
Madelyn Junk
Carly Kersting
Jacqueline Martini
Maggie Meiners
Elizabeth Sexton
Georgia Staab

Class of 2017
Abigail Davis
Sydney Etris
Lilah Henke
Kathleen Lynch
Kristina Rodriquez
Sydney Schoenling

Class of 2016
Jessica Bierman
Katrina Draginoff
Cecelia Elfers
Olivia Evans
Kelly Kiganda
Gabrielle Litzinger
Olivia Pruett
Kirsten Reynolds


Class of 2019
Emily Burba
Francesca Folino
Autumn Freeman
Abby Johnston
Elyse Kinney
Laney Rodriquez
Ashley Schindler
Cassie Stenger

Class of 2018
Hope Hunley
Ellen Meiners
Michelle Nie
Alyssa Robers
Maggie Wood

Class of 2017
Sophia Nicoloff
Julia Pfiester
Elizabeth York

Class of 2016
Carley Hudson
Julia Peters


Congratulations to the following young men named to the Greater Catholic League South division All-Star team!

First Team Offense: Zach Branam (‘17) La Salle High School

First Team Defense: Luke Thiemann (‘16) La Salle High School

Second Team Offense: Austin Rack (‘18) La Salle High School & Nathan Uhl (‘16) St. Xavier High School

Second Team Defense: Cole Hildebrand (‘16) La Salle High School & Drew Klas (‘16) St. Xavier High School

Linebacker of the Year: Luke Thiemann (‘16) La Salle High School



Congratulations to the following young men who were named to the La Salle High School first quarter Honor Roll:

Class of 2019
First Honors: Mitch Creighton, Ryan Godbey, Jackson Gruber, AJ Hudepohl, Ben Jungkunz, Gabe Loftus, Jude Lud-wig, Zach Morris, Dhruv Patel, Joey Paulinelli, Jake Rhodes, Noah Seng, John Teuschler, Liam Venia, Sam Wingert, Kenny Zang, Matthew Zimmer
Second Honors: Ben Schwetchenau

Class of 2018
First Honors: Luke Elfers, Ben Kerth, Mi-chael Lang, Raymond Lipps, Nick Ritter, Ryan Reynolds, Reese Robinson, Luke Winiarski
Second Honors: Adam Deitschel

Class of 2017 Michael Beiter, Zander Benz, Kellen Bleh, Zachary Branam, Daniel Breslin, Jayke Frederick, Evan Griffiths, Tommy Hambrick, Nathan Merritt, Jacob Ming-es, Benjamin Reeder, Benjamin Schloss, John Schweder, Ben Seibert, Jacob Soto, Zachary Torbeck, Jimmy Wheeler
Second Honors: Robby Heinecke

Class of 2016 First Honors: Johnathan Crase, Michael Hartig, Bradley Kramer, Robert Lud-mann, Tyler Meiners, Simon Nicholas, Hunter Nichols, Jason Oberjohann, Ja-cob Seibert, Nicholas Stewart, Thomas Verhoff
Second Honors: Clay Schneider



Ben Glines (‘11) has been named as cocaptain of the 2019 Boston College football team! Congratulations Ben!


MAY 28, 2019 NEWS 

Gena Porotsky (‘15) recently became the 508th girl in the country to receive the Stars and Stripes award for Ameri-can Heritage Girls. This is similar to the Eagle Scout award in Boy Scouts, as there is a lot of badge work and leader-ship requirements. It culminates in a service project planned and run by the girl, which must involve at least a hun-dred hours of service as well as the su-pervision of other volunteers.  Her younger brother, Billy, had recently been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, so she asked the Diabetes Clinic at Chil-dren's Hospital if there was a project she could do to benefit them. They indi-cated that, although there are many materials that they hand out to newly diagnosed children and parents, there are no resources available for young siblings of the newly diagnosed. They challenged her to put together a book that would explain the condition in sim-ple, non-threatening terms.  A few of her friends stepped up to help her with the project, including Katie Stautberg (‘15) and Brent Porotsky ('13). Additionally Joe Humbert ('15) contributed artwork, including an awe-some cover!  Gena fundraised, printed the books, and now, thanks to the help of her classmates and friends, the books are being distributed to siblings of new T1D's by Children's Hospital!

Congratulations to Griffin Merritt (‘14), who is a member of the University of Cincinnati baseball team, who will be making an appearance at the NCAA tournament for the first time in 45 years!


MAY 21, 2019 NEWS

Bryan Barry (’14), and Eagle Scout from St. James Troop 24, was the honored scout speaker at Dan Beard Council's West Side Sports breakfast, where Marty Brennaman was the keynote speaker on May 15. Bryan is a graduate of La Salle High School (Class of 2018). In his speech, Bryan told West Side business leaders about the opportunities, experiences, and development that came through his involvement in scouting. From a Tiger Scout in first grade at St. James Cub Scout Pack 24, to Boys Scouts in Troop 24 in high school, to the National Youth Leadership Training camp in 2013, he was able to develop skills to become a senior patrol leader for Troop 24 and then to become a trek leader at the Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico in 2016. At Philmont, he took the lead role in planning and executing a two week adventure involving 12 of our scouts and parents hiking through the mountains and desert of beautiful New Mexico. Through these experiences, he developed and applied his skills in leadership, open communication, and service. He and a number of our scouts in Pack 24 and Troop 24 are regularly available to help on community projects, large and small, from larger Eagle scout projects (like beatifying our school grounds) to smaller efforts like raking leaves at Our Lady of the Woods, cleaning up the fish fry, or greeting Sunday Mass attendees at our parish. Thank you Bryan for inspiring our scouts to lead and serve our community. Congratulations on serving as the honored Scout speaker for this year's West Side Sports Breakfast.

Congratulations to the following Mercy McAuley Wolves for receiving the following GGCL Softball All League awards:
First Team GGCL: Hailey McAdoo (’15), Camryn Sillies (’16), Lauren Taylor (‘15)
GGCL Player of the Year: Hailey McAdoo (‘15)
And a special shout out to our very own Karen Wiesman (‘88), who was named the 2019 GGCL Coach of the Year!

Thank you to our wonderful alumni who came back to volunteer in the cafeteria. It’s always awesome to see them! Maggie Meiners (‘18), Carly Fulmer (‘18), Avery Gumm (‘18), Ellie Meiners (‘18), Alyssa Robers (‘18), and Maggie Wood (‘18).

MAY 14, 2019 NEWS

Join us in congratulating the Evan Day (’17), a sophomore at St. Xavier High School, who scored a perfect 36 on the ACT!

Congratulations to Phillip Zulli (‘11) who is graduating Cum Laude from Bowling Green State University!

Congratulations also to Jordan Zulli (‘14) who is a freshman at Thomas More University, where she earned the lead role in both the musical and the dramatic spring production.

Congratulations to La Salle H.S. freshman Adam Deitschel (’18), this year's recipient of the Reid Rizzo Scholarship.

Congratulations to Ashley Bushman (‘15) who was named to the Winter All Stars list for 1st team bowling.

Congratulations to Brooklyn Flowers (‘18) who was awarded two scholarships: the Roger Bacon Class of 1952 Scholarship as well as the OLA Scholarship at the Roger Bacon Awards ceremony.

Congratulations to the Vocal Ensembles of Mercy McAuley and La Salle High Schools, who over spring break competed in the Music Festival in Chicago with Performing Arts Consultants. They received Excellent Awards in Show Choir
Division, Mixed Choir Division and Women’s Choir. They received a Superior Award in Men’s Choir. An Outstanding Soloist Award was given to St. James Alumni Gabrielle Mouch 15'. The following members are St. James alumni: Jonathan 


Crase 16', Rachel Kumar 16', Gabrielle Mouch 15',  Evan Yeazell 15', Ben Reeder 17', Amanda Meehan 15', Megan Hoffman 16', Meghan Altimari 15', and Jayke Frederick 17'.



APRIL 30, 2019 NEWS

Jenna Oliverio (‘15) a senior at Colerain High School graduated this month with her Associates in Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering from Sinclair College. Upon high school graduation in May, Jenna will attend the University of Dayton as a third year engineering student.

The La Salle Athletic Department announced today that six Lancer student athletes signed National Letters of Intent to continue their academic and athletic careers at the next level.

The signing class includes two-time Football State Champion Drew Nieman (’15) Drew has signed with the University of Dayton for football and plans to major in Mechanical Engineering. Drew is recognized for his dual sport skills in football and baseball. He has received All-Ohio Honorable Mention, All-Southwest Ohio First Team Punter, GCL South Punter of the Year, and All-City Preseason for football. For baseball, he has received AllOhio Honorable Mention, Baseball All Star Cincinnati Honorable Mention, and GCL South First Team. In addition to his athletic skills, Drew excels in the classroom. He is a member of the National Honor Society, has earned First Honors every quarter at La Salle and has earned the Algebra II, Physics, and Spanish I end of year awards. He is also active in his community earning over 170 service hours. He has participated in the Canned Food Drive, LYSIT- SWAP to Hindman, KY and a Kairos Leader his senior year. He is a third-generation Lancer including grandfather Drew Nieman '65, dad AJ Nieman '84 and uncle Brian Nieman '91. His parents are AJ and Beth (deceased) Nieman. He has two siblings: Joey '21 and Ellie.

Noah Weingartner (‘15) signed with Thomas More University for baseball and has declared Business as his major. Noah is an outfielder and pitcher for the Lancers earning GCL South First Team and All-Southwest Ohio Honorable Mention. He is very active in his community earning over 320 service hours helping the Canned Food Drive, Down Syndrome Association, baseball camps and a Kairos Leader his senior year. His parents are Joe and Melissa Weingartner. He has two siblings: Shelby and Sam.

Kodyn Lambert (‘15) signed with Marian University in baseball and declared Mechanical Engineering as his major. He has earned First or Second Honors for half his quarters at La Salle. Lancer family members include two cousins: Curtis Bosch '05 and Dominic Bosch '10. His parents are Jeremy and Stephanie Lambert. He has three siblings: Sydney, Carlee, and Addisyn.

Congratulations to Caleb Schmidt (’16), a member of the St. Xavier triathlon team, who claimed the 2019 independent club high school national championship in Tempe, Arizona on April 5th.

APRIL 16, 2019 NEWS

Congratulations to the following young men and women for being named to the Roger Bacon High School third quarter Honor Roll:
First honors
Lydia Daniel (‘18)
Second honors
Connor Meyer (‘17)
Ryan Fasbender (‘18)
Brooklynn Flowers (‘18)

Congratulations to Katelyn Freese (‘15) who was named one of two salutatorians for the Mercy McAuley class of 2019!

Congratulations to the following young men for being named to the St. Xavier High School third quarter Honor Roll:

Class of 2019 First Honors:
Brendan Burck, Cameron Kiley, Carson Kiley, Peyton Meyer, & Jacob Rodriguez

Class of 2019 Second Honors:
Ethan Fries, Samuel Glines, Joseph Humbert, Nathan Junk, & Andrew Neyer

Class of 2020 First Honors
Joshua Barbee, Kyle Kinney, Andrew Klas, Justin Kruetzkamp, Jacob Lekso, Austin Logue, & Ethan Lynch

Class of 2020 Second Honors: Ian Russell

Class of 2021 First Honors: Evan Day, Connor Hickey, Justin Nienaber, Aaron Porotsky, & Eric Zimmerman

Class of 2021 Second Honors: Nicholas Bloemer, Thomas Fago, & David Jung

Class of 2022 First Honors: Joseph Tonnis, Kyle White 

Class of 2022 Second Honors: Mackenna Doxsey, Andrew Humbert, & Ryan Meierjohan


APRIL 2, 2019 NEWS

Triffon Callos (‘96) head baseball coach at Summit Country Day collected his 200th win at the school March 29, defeating Miami Valley Conference foe Lockland 21-0 on SCD’s home field near Madisonville.

Mercy McAuley was ranked as the Top All -Girls School in Ohio, and 5th overall in the state, at the 69th Ohio Junior Classical League (OJCL) State Convention held March 8 - 10 in Columbus. The OJCL convention brings together over 800 students, teachers, and parents from across the state of Ohio to celebrate the study of Latin. There are a variety of competitive activities at the convention, including academic tests, art contests, certamen, and creative performances (in both English and Latin), along with social activities such as a dance, toga banquet and more. The following young women took home awards:

Katelyn Freese (‘15) Latin IV:
Graphic Arts Sweepstakes—8th place
Photography—6th place
Constructed/Drawn Maps—1st place
Drawn Poster—1st place
Textiles—8th place
Woodworking—2nd place
Ink Drawing—6th place
Cartoon—1st place
Academic Pentathlon—8th place
Grace Munro (’15) Latin Clubber:
Photography—9th place
Textiles—5th place
Colored Pencil Drawing—7th place

Ashley Bushman (‘15) Latin Enthusiast
Talent Show Winner—Jumping Rope on a Pogo Stick
Modern Myth Writing—8th place

Celia Elfers (‘16) Latin III:
Constructed Chart—7th place
Textiles—3rd place
Pastels—9th place
Talent Show Winner—Singing
Classical Mythology—9th place

Shelby Stone (‘17) Latin 1:
Constructed Chart—5th place

Two teams advanced to the Semifinals and were Top Ten in Ohio!
Latin I Team: Including Shelby Stone (’17). The Latin I team finished 9th
overall in Ohio.
Upper Level Team: Including Katelyn Freese (‘15) and Katlyn Havlin (‘15) finished 6th in Ohio.

Congratulations to Ember Wolf ('18) who was named to Ursuline Academy's 3rd quarter Honor Roll!  Congratulations Ember!




MARCH 12, 2019 NEWS
Bryan Barry (‘14) from St. James Troop 24 received his Eagle Scout pin on February 24, 2019. His Eagle project was building 2 multi-level shelving units for food storage at P.A.W.S. of Dearborn County animal shelter. Bryan awarded his Eagle mentor pin to his older brother and fellow Eagle Scout Nathan Barry (‘11).

Savannah Taylor ('12) and Jake Junker ('12) through absolute chance decided to study abroad this year in Europe. Both 2012 graduates and haven’t seen each other in a couple of years. Jake is studying in Budapest and Savannah is studying in Lutherstadt. They decided to meet each other in Luxembourg, which was one of the most beautiful cities they’ve seen.

MARCH 5, 2019 NEWS
Congratulations to Mount Notre Dame senior Erin Mahan (’15) (center) on being named a finalist in the 2019 National Merit Scholarship Program! She will now compete to be named as one of the 7,500 National Merit Scholarship winners from across the country to be announced later this Spring.

Carson Kiley (’15) is 13th of the all-time high GCL averages for bowling at St. Xavier High School with a 207.2.

Erin Mahan (‘15), current senior at Mount Notre Dame High School was named a National Merit Scholarship Pro-gram finalist. 1.6 million students took the National Merit Qualifier PSAT and Erin placed among the top 15,000 stu-dents in the nation! Congratulations Erin!




Congratulations to the following young ladies who were named to the Mount Notre Dame first semester honor roll:
First Honors:
Taylor Mullen (‘18) & Ava Wittrock (‘18)
Second Honors:
Emma Frey (‘18)

Congratulations to the following young women and men who were cast in Mam-ma Mia at Mercy McAuley High School.
The show is April 11th-14th. Tickets can be purchased online at
Sophie Sheridan - Gabrielle Mouch (`15)
Sky - Hunter Nichols ('16)
Sophie's Bridesmaids - Amanda Meehan (‘15) & Megan Hoffman ('16)
Eddie - Jayke Frederick ('16)
Special Dancers - Amanda Meehan ('15), Megan Hoffman (`16) & Rachel Kumar (’16)
Ensemble - Grace Kreider ('15), Amanda Schweder (`15), Liv Evans (`16), Anna Riedel (`16) & Emily Girmann ('16)
Stage Manager - Andew Neyer (’15)
Assistant Stage Manager & Run Crew Head - Grace Kreider ('15)
Lobby/Publicity Crew Head - Meghan Altimari ('15) & Liv Evans ('16)
Crew - Leah Jungkunz ('15), Celia Elfers ('16) Emily Girmann ('16) Anna Riedel '16), Megan Hoffman (`16), Rachel Ku-mar (’16) & Anna Riedel (`16)


The following students have been casted in La Salle’s upcoming show The Outsiders. Congratulations to Ben Reeder (‘17) as Johnny, and playing Greasers and Socs: Cierra Blakeman (‘16), Jonathan Crase (‘16), Cecelia Elfers(‘16), Bradley Kramer (‘16), and Michelle Nie

Congratulations to the following young ladies for being named to Seton High School’s second quarter honor roll:
Class of 2022 First Honors: Emma Buelterman
Class of 2021 First Honors: Zoe Loftus
Class of 2021 Second Honors: Lucy Graff & Abigail Jungkunz

Congratulations to the following 2018 Greater Cincinnati High School Fall All Stars:
Division II First Team Football: Drew Nieman (’15), La Salle High School
Division II Second Team Football: Jake Seibert (’16), La Salle High School
Division I Golf Honorable Mention: Riley Bernhardt (’15), Mercy McAuley High School
Division I Golf Honorable Mention: Courtney Nichols (’16), Mount Notre Dame High School
Division I Golf Honorable Mention: Grace York (’17), St. Ursula Academy

Congratulations to the following young men who have been named to the sec-ond quarter St. Xavier Honor Roll:
First Honors Class of 2022:
Joseph Tonnis and Kyle White

First Honors Class of 2021:
Eric Zimmerman, Justin Nienaber, Evan Day, Aaron Porotsky and Connor Hickey

First Honors Class of 2020:
Joshua Barbee, Justin Kruetzkamp, Austin Logue, Ethan Lynch, and Ian Russell

First Honors Class of 2019:
Brendan Burck, Cameron Kiley, Joseph Humbert, Nathan Junk, Peyton Meyer, and Jacob Rodriguez

Second Honors Class of 2022:
Andrew Humbers, Nicholas Uhl, and Ryan Meierjohan

Second Honors Class of 2021:
Kellen Bleh, Nicholas Bloemer, Thomas Fago, Charles Hewald, David Jung, and Vincent Reid

Second Honors Class of 2020:
Zachary Bierman, Kyle Kinney, Andrew Klas, Jacob Lesko, and Nathan Uhl

Second Honors Class of 2019:
Lee Bronstrop, Alexzander Burger, Michael Buttry, Ethan Fries, Samuel Glines, and Carson Kiley.

Grace Kreider (‘15) is a member of the Mercy McAuley mock trial team.  The team recently placed fifth in the UC Invitational.  Grace won the best attorney award and will compete at the district level at the Butler County courthouse on January 18th. Congratulations and good luck Grace!

Congratulations to the following young men who were named to the second quarter La Salle honor roll: 
Class of 2018 First Honors: Matthew Bierman, Adam Deitschel, Luke Elfers, Jackson Huxel, Ben Kerth, Michael Lang, Raymond Lipps, Charlie Pearson, Austin Rack, Ryan Reynolds, Carson Schneider, Luke Winiarski, and Nick Wittrock 
Class of 2018 Second Honors: Andrew Fisher, Nick Ritter, and Reece Robinson 
Class of 2017 First Honors: Zachary Branam, Daniel Breslin, William Burba, Evan Griffiths, Tommy Hambrick, Robby Heinecke, Joseph Nieman, Benjamin Reeder, Benjamin Schloss, John Schweder, Benjamin Seibert, Zachary Torbeck, and Jimmy Wheeler 
Class of 2017 Second Honors: Jayke Frederick 
Class of 2016 First Honors: Jonathan Cras,e Michael Hartig, Cole Hildebrand, Tyler Kluener, Bradley Kramer, Anthony Meiners, Tyler Meiners, Simon Nicholas, Hunter Nicholas, Jason Oberjohann, Nicholas Stewart, and Thomas Verhoff 
Class of 2016 Second Honors: Jacob Seibert 
Class of 2015 First Honors: Vincent Abbatiello, Casey Meiners, Andrew Nieman, Ryan Sparks, and Noah Weingartner 
Class of 2015 Second Honors: Jacob Lawson and Nicholas Treinen

Emma Frey (’18), a current freshman at MND, is a member of the Varsity Soccer team. She was named GGCL 2nd team and also received the Excellence in Offense award for the 2018 soccer season. Awesome job Emma!

Courtney Nichols (‘16), a current junior at Mt. Notre Dame High School, was recently awarded the Most Valuable Player Award for golf, as well as OHSAA All American Honorable Mention. Congratulations Courtney!

Three St. James alumna from Mercy McAuley High School signed National Letters of Intent: Isabel Lynch (‘15) who will be playing soccer at Evansville University, Haily McAdoo (‘15) who will be playing softball at Wheeling Jesuit University, and Emily Sexton (‘15) who will be playing soccer at Miami University. Congratulations ladies!

Congratulations to the following young men for being inducted into the La Salle National Honor Society: Hunter Nichols (’16), Jake Seibert (’16), Anthony Meiners (’16), Jason Oberjohann (’16) & Simon Nicholas (‘16). Keep up the great work gentlemen!

Congratulations to the following young ladies who were named to the Ursuline Academy first quarter honor roll: Miranda Nienaber (‘17) and Ember Rolf (‘18).

Congratulations to St. James alumni, from La Salle High School, Vinny Abbatiello (’15), who will be playing baseball at Belmont University, and Jake Lawson (’15), who will be playing baseball for Purdue University—Ft. Wayne, for signing their National Letters of Intent.


Ben Cottingham (‘17) and his crew team competed at the Blake Haxton rowing regatta in Columbus, Ohio and won 2nd place of 11 teams in the four man boat race, and place 3rd of eight teams in the eight man race. Ben joined the Cincinnati Jr. Rowing Club in September of 2018. The club is open to young men and women in grades nine and up.  Great work Ben!

Congratulations to the following young ladies for being named to the Seton High School first quarter honor roll:
First Honors:
Emma Buelterman (‘18)
Lucy Graff (‘17)
Zoe Loftus (‘17)

Second Honors:
Lucy Wullenweber (‘18)
Abby Jungkunz (‘17)

Congratulations to the following young ladies for being named to the Saint Ursula Academy first quarter honor roll:
First Honors:
Caroline Caudill (‘18)
Lindsay Coughlin (‘18)
Brooke Hunstad (‘18)
Claire Schulte (‘17)
Grace York (‘17)
Colleen Booth (‘16)
Eva Caudill (‘15)
Olivia Coughlin (‘15)
Jacqueline Hamburg (‘15)
Brigid Murphy (‘15)
Second Honors:
Annelise Bronstrop (‘18)
Emma Helwig (‘16)
Natalie Archdeacon (‘16)

Second Honors:
Annelise Bronstrop (‘18)
Emma Helwig (‘16)
Natalie Archdeacon (‘16)

Some of our St. James alumni came back to work in the cafeteria. Thank you gentlemen! Hunter Nichols (‘16), Evan Griffiths (‘17), Daniel Breslin (‘17), John Schweder (‘17), Ben Schloss (‘17), and Raymond Lipps (‘17).

Congratulations to the following students for being named to the Roger Bacon first quarter Honor Roll:

Class of 2018 First Honors
Lydia Daniel

Class of 2018 Second Honors
Ryan Fasbender
Brooklyn Flowers

Class of 2017 Second Honors
Conner Meyer



Congratulations to the following students for being named to the St. Xavier first quarter Honor Roll:

Class of 2018 First Honors
Joseph Tonnis
Kyle White

Class of 2018 Second Honors
Mackenna Doxsey
Ryan Meierjohan

Class of 2017 First Honors
Evan Day
Justin Nienaber
Aaron Porotsky
Eric Zimmerman

Class of 2017 Second Honors
Kellen Bleh
Nicholas Bloemer
Charles Hewald
Connor Hickey
David Jung
Vincent Reid

Class of 2016 First Honors
Joshua Barbee
Justin Kruetzkamp
Austin Logue
Ethan Lynch
Ian Russell

Class of 2016 Second Honors
Zachary Bierman
Robert Childers
Kyle Kinney
Andrew Klas
Jacob Lesko
Caleb Schmidt

Class of 2015 First Honors
Brendan Burck
Joseph Humbert
Cameron Kiley
Carson Kiley
Peyton Meyer
Jacob Rodriguez

Class of 2015 Second Honors
Lee Bronstrop
Alexzander Burger
Michael Buttry
Ethan Fries
Samuel Glines
Nathan Junk
Andrew Neyer




Sydney Lambert (‘11) is beginning her senior season for the women’s basketball team at Bowling Green State University.  She has started all 89 games since becoming a Falcon and has scored 879 points thus far in her career. She is even seen around campus on this transport bus!



Carlee Lambert (‘13) is a sophomore nursing student at Thomas More University. She is also a member of the women’s volleyball team that is currently ranked #5 in NCAA Division III. 


We welcomed back two of our 2018 graduates, Ava Wittrock and Taylor Mullen, both of whom currently attend Mount Notre Dame High School.  They came to  help out in the cafeteria!  Thank you girls! 



The St. James class of 1978 recently had their 40th reunion and part of the celebration included a tour of the school building, which was so exciting after 40 years! After the event, on behalf of the Class of the 1978 Reunion Committee, consisting of Mike Suer, Sara Hoeper Klein, Lisa Horne Mushrush, and Debbie Sandhas, a generous donation was made to the school! Thank you Class of 1978!



Several alumni came back to help out in the cafeteria! Shelby Stone (‘17), Maddie Junk (’18), Michelle Nie (‘18), Rachel Kumar (‘16), Abby Davis (‘17), Elizabeth Verhoff (‘17).


Josh Woodward (‘13) and Layne Fredrick (‘13) from the class of 2013 will be performing in the Wilmington College Production of Little Shop Of Horrors on November 15-17. Josh will play the role of SEYMOUR and Layne as ORIN.


Annie Vehr (‘11) is on the 2018 University of Cincinnati Homecoming Court. Good luck Annie!

Ellie Thiemann (‘10) co-founded University of Cincinnati’s College Diabetes Network chapter in 2016. The chapter’s mission eases Type 1 fears for new college students. They want to provide support, but are not considered a support group. Ellie was quoted saying, “It’s just a huge life change. There’s new friends, new people all the time. You’re not sure how people are going to react to it.” Ellie was diagnosed 12 years ago. She went on to say, “You’re living in a different place usually, or even, just like socially, in college, people start going out more...and it’s just a lot of new things at once. I mean it’s a hard adjustment.”




Thomas Unger (‘10) dots the i in Script Ohio twice this fall! First at the Ohio State vs. TCU game in Dallas on September 15th, then again on November 24th when Ohio State plays Michigan in Columbus.


Carly Kersting (‘18) won a $1,000 scholarship from the David Bradley Wick Foundation!  Congratulations Carly!



Josh Roesel (‘14) is a member of the University of Louisville hockey team. Quite an achievement! 


Celia Powers (‘13), member of the Wright State University volleyball team, played a huge role in helping lead the team to their best start in years at 5-1. The Wright State Raiders earned the championship crown at the Comfort Inn Invitational in which Celia was named the MVP!  Congratulations Celia!
La Salle High School hosted the St. James class of 1968 50th reunion planning committee. 


Maddie Munro (‘13) is a sophomore at UC Blue Ash majoring in Pre-Biology. There was an article published about her in the UC Blue Ash College newsletter regarding the noble act of funding her education herself which is why the low cost tuition at UC Blue Ash was a deciding factor for her. She is quoted saying, “I wouldn’t want to go to college anywhere else. I’m really busy here and that’s what I like. The college has provided me with so many opportunities and at a very reasonable price—plus it’s close to home.” Aside from her PreBiology curriculum, Maddie is also a Student Orientation leader, an Honors Program Ambassador, a student worker, studied abroad in Costa Rica, and participated in a biology research program. Keep up the awesome work Maddie!


AUGUST 28, 2018 NEWS

Congratulations to Anna Wood (‘14) who received the Western Economic Council scholarship. Anna was honored for her quiet leadership rooted in service, honoring the traditions of the Sisters of Mercy through her service to the St. James Vacation Bible School, St. James Parish Festival, McAuley student council, McAuction, candy grams for childhood AIDS victims, student council activities, and other service. Congratulations Anna!


Cara Unger (‘08) started a new school year on August 23rd teaching at St. Andrew Elementary on her 24th birthday. Congratulations and Happy Birthday Cara!


JUNE 8, 2018 NEWS
Congratulations to the following La Salle Lancers who were named to the 4th quarter Honor Roll! First Honors St. James Class of 2017: Zachary Branam, Daniel Breslin, William Burba, Jayke Frederick, Evan Griffiths, Tommy Hambrick, Robby Heinecke, Nathan Merritt, Jacob Minges, Joseph Nieman, Benjamin Reeder, Benjamin Schloss, John Schweder, Ben Seibert, Zachary Torbeck, & Jimmy Wheeler Second Honors St. James Class of 2017: Sam Bach & Ethan Lawson First Honors St. James Class of 2016: Jonathan Crase, Michael Hartig, Tyler Kluener, Simon Nicholas, Hunter Nichols, Jason Oberjohann, Jacob Seibert, & Thomas Verhoff Second Honors St. James Class of 2016: Anthony Meiners & Tyler Meiners First Honors St. James Class of 2015: Vincent Abbatiello, Jacob Lawson, Andrew Nieman, & Ryan Sparks Second Honors St. James Class of 2015: Kodyn Lambert & Casey Meiners First Honors St. James Class 2014: Jordan Atherine, Bryan Barry, Clayton Dangel, Ian McConnaughey, Nathan Meiners, Griffin Merritt, Jonathan Miller, Dominick Minda-Ramirez, Leo Pierani, Michael Stewart, & Feliz Bangert Second Honors St. James Class of 2014:Alexander Prinzbach & Nicholas Schmidt


MAY 29, 2018 NEWS

Congratulations to the following young women who received awards at the 2018 McAuley High School Commencement:


English Medal: Ruth Hewald (‘14)


Science Medal: Emma Brunst (‘14)


Theology Medal Alyssa Knizner (‘14)


Class Excellence: Emma Brunst (’14) & Elizabeth Riedel (‘14)


La Salle has announced the Academic Top 10 for the Class of 2018. All 10 of these students are students in the prestigious Lasallian Scholars Institute.  Below is a list of students from St. James. The information includes school attending, outstanding honors, and declared major.  


Jordan Atherine (’14) University of Cincinnati, University Honors Program, Mechanical Engineering


Brandan Kolbinsky (‘14) University of Louisville, Brown Fellow, Marketing


Griffin Merritt (’14) University of Cincinnati, Athletic Scholarship- Baseball, Biology/ Pre-Dentistry


Jonathan Miller (‘14) Ohio State University, Business Scholar Program, Business Economics


Leo Pierani (’14) University of Cincinnati, Nursing



MAY 22, 2018 NEWS

Congratulations to Katelyn Freese (’15), who was recently selected as the Youth of the Month by the Exchange Club of Northwest Cincinnati! Monthly winners are selected throughout the school year by an interview team from the Northwest Exchange Club. The selection is based on academics, leadership, school activities and community service. As a monthly winner, Katelyn was honored with a recognition breakfast at Clovernook Country Club and was presented with a personalized plaque and a $250 U.S. Savings Bond. At the conclusion of the school year, all the Youth of the Month winners return for the Youth of the Year Banquet. At the banquet, each student presents an essay on a topic furnished by the National Exchange Club. Additional criteria include school activities, grades, and community involvement. At the conclusion of the banquet, a Youth of the Year is selected. The winner is presented with a personalized plaque and a $1,000 U.S. Savings Bond. In addition, the winner will have an opportunity to compete as a senior for additional scholarship awards at the district, state, and national levels.

Jenna Oliverio (‘15) was selected by The Notre Dame Club of Cincinnati to receive the “Notre Dame Book Award” which is presented to a high school junior selected by his/her high school principal or designated administrator based on Notre Dame’s high standard of academic achievement, demonstration of leadership, and commitment to community service. Jenna is a current junior at Colerain High School, treasurer of her junior class, executive board member for the student senate, an active member of the Robotics Team, and a member of the National Honor Society. Congratulations Jenna!


APRIL 24, 2018 NEWS

Congratulations to following young women who have been named to the Saint Ursula Academy Honor Roll:
First Honors:
Coleen Booth (’16), Olivia Coughlin ’15), Brigid Murphy (’15) , Grace Clark (’14), Natalie Coughlin (’14), Kathryn Schulte (‘14)
Second Honors:
Natalie Archdeacon (’16), Emma Helwig (’16), Jacqueline Hamburg (‘15)

APRIL 17, 2018 NEWS

Congratulations to Lauren Seng (‘13) on being named to the Dean's List for The Christ College of Nursing, fall semester.

Congratulations to the following young ladies on being named to the Seton High School third quarter Honor Roll: 

First Honors: Elizabeth Federle (‘14) 

Second Honors: Zoe Loftus (‘17) Abby Jungkunz (‘17) Lucy Graff (‘17) 

Congratulations to the following young men for being named to the Elder High School third quarter Honor Roll: 

First Honors: Timothy Rinear (‘14) 

Second Honors: Charles Tepe (‘14)


MARCH 27, 2017 NEWS

Congratulations to St. James alumni Katelyn Freese (’15) and Ashley Bushman (’15) who were inducted into the Latin Honor Society at McAuley High School.

Congratulations to St. James alumni Hannah Krieger (’15), Rachel Kumar (’15), Katie Martini (‘15), and Emily Girmann (’15) who were recent French Honor Society inductees at McAuley High School.

Congratulations to the following St. James alumni who were inducted into the National History Honor Society at McAuley High School on March 20th.

Haley McAdoo (’15), Rorie Smith (’15), Emily Etris (’15), Anna Hergenrother (’15), Ashley Bushman (’15), Katelyn Freese (‘15), Carly Ritter (’15), Amanda Meehan (’15), Addison Moeves (’15), Katlyn Havlin (‘15), Isabelle Dorr (’15), Susie Hudepohl (’15), Mara Lehmann (’15), Isabel Lynch (’15)

Congratulations to St. James alumni Carly Ritter (‘15) and Anna Hergenrother (‘15) who were inducted into the Spanish National Honor Society at McAuley High School.

Congratulations to the following young men who have been named to the La Salle third quarter honor roll:
First Honors: Zachary Branam (‘17), Daniel Breslin (‘17), William Burba (‘17), Jayke Frederick (‘17), Evan Griffiths (‘17), Tommy Hambrick (‘17),Robby Heinecke(‘17), Nathan Merritt (‘17), Jacob Minges (‘17), Joseph Nieman (‘17), Benjamin Reeder (‘17), Benjamin Schloss (‘17), John Schweder (‘17), Ben Seiber (‘17), Zachary Torbeck (‘17), Jimmy Wheeler (‘17), Michael Hardig (‘16), Tyler Kluener (‘16), Simon Nicholas (‘16), Hunter Nichols (‘16), Jason Oberjohann (‘16), Jacob Seibert (‘16), Thomas Verhoff (‘16), Jacob Lawson (‘15), Andrew Nieman (‘15), Jordan Atherine (‘14), Bryan Barry (‘14), Clayton Dangel (‘14), Samuel Hildebrand (‘14), Ian McConnaughey (‘14), Nathan Meiners (‘14), Griffin Merritt (‘14), Jonathan Miller (‘14), Dominick Minda-Ramirez (‘14), Brandon Minges (‘14), Leo Pierani(‘14), Alexander Prinzbach (‘14), Michael Stewart (‘14) 
Second Honors: Jason Minges (‘17), Clay Schneider (‘17), Cole Hildebrand (‘16), Anthony Meiners (‘16), Kodyn Lambert (‘15), Casey Meiners (‘15), Adam Reynolds (‘15), Joshua Roesel (‘14), Nicholas Schmidt (‘14)


MARCH 13, 2017 NEWS

Congratulations to Josh Knapke (‘14) who placed 10th at the OHSAA Division 1 State Diving Competition for St. Xavier High School Swimming and Diving team for the second year in a row!

Congratulations to several St. James alumni who were cast in Thoroughly Modern Millie, at McAuley High School. The show is March 16th & 17th at 7:30 p.m. and March 18th at 2:00 p.m. The alumni cast in the show are:


Millie  - Jordan Zulli ('14)


Muzzy Van Hossmere - Gabrielle Mouch (`15) 


Priscilla Girls - Ally Knizner (`14), Liz Riedel (`14), Megan Hoffman (`16), and Rachel Kumar (‘16)


Ethel Peas  - Ruthie Hewald ('14)


Special Dancers  - Anna Wood ('14), Ally Knizner (`14), Liz Riedel (`14), Gabrielle Mouch ('15), Amanda Meehan ('15), Megan Hoffman (`16), and Rachel Kumar (’16)


Chorus  - Ruthie Hewald ('14), Amanda Schweder (`15), Cierra Blakeman (`16), Celia Elfers (`16), Liv Evans (`16), and Anna Riedel (`16).


Stage Manager - Madison Stone (’14) 


Assistant Stage Manager - Andew Neyer (’15)


Crew - Grace Kreider ('15), Katlyn Havlin (`15), Ashley Bushman (’15), Ruthie Hewald (`14), and Emily Girmann ('14)



MARCH 6, 2017 NEWS

Congratulations to McAuley senior, and St. James graduate, Grace Munro (‘14), who was recently selected to be part of the Ohio Music Education Association (OMEA) District 14 Honor Band! Grace plays the clarinet. Great job!

La Salle High School, Troupe 4413 of the International Thespian Society, an honor society for theatre, inducted new members Wednesday, February 21, in the blackbox theater. St. James alum Jonathan Crase (‘16) earned membership in the Society by exhibiting excellent work in theatre, both on stage and behind the scenes. Each new member has contributed a minimum of 100 hours to the productions at La Salle.

Congratulations to McAuley juniors Katlyn Havlin (‘15) and Katelyn Freese (’15) on being invited to the Health Collaborative's TAP MD program. The TAP MD and TAP HC programs are part of the Health Collaborative's TAP HEALTH initiative, an innovative group of programs to help build the next generatioN of health care professionals in the Greater Cincinnati region.

Congratulations to the following young men for being named to the LaSalle 2017-2018 second quarter honor roll:
First Honors: Vincent Patrick Abbatiello (’15), Cody Joseph Anderson (’16), Jordan Thomas Atherine (’14), Bryan Patrick Barry (’14), Zachary Tyler Branam (’17), Daniel Richard Breslin (’17), William John Burba (’17), Clayton Joseph Dangel (’14), Jayke Frederick (’17), Evan Griffiths (`17), Tommy Michael Hambrick (’17), Michael Anthony Hartig (’16), Robby Kern Heinecke (’17), Samuel L. Hildebrand (’14), Tyler Robert Kluener (’16), Jacob Scott Lawson, (’15), Ian Michael McConnaughey (’14), Nathan Thomas Meiners (’14), Griffin Patrick Merritt (’14), Nathan Timothy Merritt (’17), Jonathan James Miller (’14), Dominic Mariano Minda-Ramierez (’14), Jacob Christopher Minges (’17), Hunter Alexander Nichols (’16), Simon James Nicholas (’16), Andrew Joseph Nieman (’15), Joseph Ryan Nieman (’17), Jason Patrick Oberjohann (’16), Leo Bruno Pierani (’14), Alexander Paul Prinzbach (’14), Benjamin Herbert Reeder (’17), Jacob Patrick Roberts (’14), Joshua Matthew Roesel (’14), Benjamin Schloss (`17), Joseph Kenneth Schmidt (’15), John Anthony Schweder (’17), Ben Michael Seibert (’17), Jacob David Seibert (’16), Ryan William Sparks (’15), Michael Joseph Stewart (’14), Zachary Samual Torbeck (’17), Thomas Wilhelm Verhoff (’16), Jimmy Ambrose Wheeler (’17)
Second Honors: Maxwell Michael Bach (’14), Jonathan Alan Crase (’16), Ethan Michael Lawson (’17), Anthony William Meiners (’16), Casey David Meiners (’14), Jason Niklas Minges (’17), Adam Joseph Reynolds (’15).

Congratulations to the following young ladies for being named to the Saint Ursula Academy 2017-2018 second quarter honor roll:
First Honors Grace York (‘17) Second Honors Megan Lang (’17) and Claire Schulte (‘17).

Josh Woodward (‘13) and Layne Frederick (‘13) participated in the Production of Avenue Q at Wilmington College.  Josh played role of Princeton and Layne the role of Nicky.

La Salle Drama presents Willy Wonka Jr. as part of their PB&J production. This family friendly show is great for kids of all ages. The $9 ticket price includes a paper bag lunch, the show, and games before and after the show. Shows are January 12 & 13 at 3:00 pm. Tickets can be purchased online at

The cast and crew includes:
Willy Wonka- Bryan Barry (’14), Mike TV- Ben Reeder, Mrs. Bucket- Gabrielle Mouch (’15), Ms. Tv- Kristin Elchynski (‘14), Candy Kids/Cook Kids - Jonathan Crase (‘16), Oompa Loompa - Morgan Quattrone (‘14), Jonathan Crase (’16), Cierra Blakeman (‘16).

Students from McAuley High School brought their traveling science show to 5th graders at St. James. Scientists included Maria Deitschel ('14), Lily Clark ('14), Jodi Koenig ('14), and Katelyn Freese ('15).


Danielle Mouch (‘12) is a vocalist this season at Kings Island Winterfest. She is in the a cappela group The Mistletones located in Rivertown. Her shows are 5:30, 6:30, 7:30, 8:30 and 9:30 p.m. everyday that the park is open during Winterfest. She is a sophomore music theatre major at Ohio Northern University.

Congratulations to the following young men for being named to the Elder High School first quarter honor roll: First honors - Tim Rinear (‘14) and Second honors - Charles Tepe (‘14).

We welcomed back many St. James alumni for the annual McAuley and La Salle Vocal Ensemble Christmas performance. The singers included: Gabrielle Mouch (’15), Elizabeth Riedel (’14), Kristin Elchynski (’14), Jordan Zulli (’14), Rachel Kumar (’16), Amanda Meehan (’15), Megan Hoffman (’16), Evan Yeazell, Jonathan Crase (’16), Alex Prinzbach (‘14), Bryan Barry (’14), Hunter Nichols (‘16).

St. James graduate Hunter Nichols (‘16) starred as Prince Eric in Mercy’s production of The Little Mermaid. 

Congratulations to the following young men for being named to St. Xavier 1st Quarter Honor Roll 2017-2018: 1 st Honors Kyle Archdeacon (’14), Joshua Barbee (’16), Zachary Bierman (’16), Evan Bleh (’14), Nicholas Bloemer (’17), Eric Bubenhofer (’14), Evan Day (’17), Mark Eglseder (’14), Sean Hergenrother (’14), Owen Kiley (’14), Kyle Kinney (’16), Alexander Klas (’14), Andrew Klas (’16), Joshua Knapke (’14), Andrew Koenig (’14), Justin Kruetzkamp (’16), Jacob Lesko (’16), Austin Logue (’16), Ethan Lynch (’16), Maxwell Mahoney (’14), Michael Masuck (’14), Maxwell Meehan (’14), Justin Nienaber (’17), Zachary Nienaber (’14), Jacob Rodriguez (’15), Ian Russell (’16), Caleb Schmidt (’16) 2 nd Honors Austin Blake (’14), Kellen Bleh (’17), Nicholas Booth (’14), Lee Bronstrop (’15), Brendan Burck (’15), Alexzander Burger (’15), Britt Caudill (’16), Joseph Evers (’14), Thomas Fago (’17), Ethan Fries (’15), Samuel Glines (’15), Connor Hickey (’17), Charles Humbert (’16), David Jung (’17), Nathan Junk (’15), Cameron Kiley (’15), Carson Kiley (’15), Garrett Litzinger (’14), Andrew Neyer (’15), Patrick Olding (’14), Aaron Porotsky (’17), Vincent Reid (’17), Justin Shanks (’14), Cole Tereck (’14), Nathan Uhl (’16), Peyton York (’14), Eric Zimmerman (’17)

NOVEMBER 7, 2017

Congratulations to the following young ladies for being named to Seton High School’s 1st Quarter Honor Roll 2017-2018:
Lucy Graff (‘17), Abby Jungkunz (‘17), Zoe Loftus (‘17), Sarah Tepe (‘17).

Congratulations to the following young men who were named to the La Salle High School 1st Quarter Honor Roll 2017 -2018:
1st Honors
Jordan Thomas Atherine (’14), Maxwell Michael Bach (’14), Bryan Patrick Barry (’14), Zachary Tyler Branam (’17), Daniel Richard Breslin (’17), William John Burba (’17), Clayton Joseph Dangel (’14), Jayke Frederick (’17), Evan Griffiths (’17), Tommy Michael Hambrick (’17), Michael Anthony Hartig (’16), Robby Kern Heinecke (’17), Samuel L. Hildebrand (’14), Tyler Robert Kluener (’16), Ethan Michael Lawson (’17), Jacob Scott Lawson, (’15), Ian Michael McConnaughey (’14), Nathan Thomas Meiners (’14), Griffin Patrick Merritt (’14), Nathan Timothy Merritt (’17), Jonathan James Miller (’14), Dominick Mariano Minda-Ramirez (’14), Brandon Patrick Minges (’14), Jacob Christopher Minges (’17), Hunter Alexander Nichols (’16), Andrew Joseph Nieman (’15), Joseph Ryan Nieman (’17), Leo Bruno Pierani (’14), Alexander Paul Prinzbach (’14), Benjamin Herbert Reeder (’17), Jacob Patrick Roberts (’14), Joshua Matthew Roesel (’14), Benjamin James Schloss (’17), Joseph Kenneth Schmidt (’15), Jared Thomas Schulze (’17), John Anthony Schweder (’17),Ben Michael Seibert (’17), Jacob David Seibert (’16), Michael Joseph Stewart (’14), Zachary Samuel Torbeck (’17), Thomas Wilhelm Verhoff (’16), Jimmy Ambrose Wheeler (’17).
2nd Honors
Vincent Patrick Abbatiello (’15), Jonathan Alan Crase (’16), Samuel Norbert Hudson (’14), Kodyn Michael Lambert (’15), Michael Martin Lobby (’14), Anthony William Meiners (’16), Casey David Meiners (’15), Tyler William Meiners (’16), Simon James Nicholas (’16), Jason Patrick Oberjohann (’16), Jacob Michael Pfiester (’14), Adam Joseph Reynolds (’15), Ryan William Sparks (’15), Nicholas Burns Treinen (’15).

OCTOBER 31, 2017
Chad Archdeacon (‘10) had the honor to serve on the University of Cincinnati’s 2017 Homecoming Court and place as runner-up to become Homecoming Prince!

Max Mahoney (‘14) was one of the student coordinators for the 42nd annual Big Brothers carwash that took place at St. James, as well as St. Mary and St. Vivian and raised almost $2,000 for future activities for the little brothers.

Mother of Mercy’s musical production of The Little Mermaid will take place on November 10, 11, 17, & 18 at 7:30 p.m. and November 12 at 2:00 p.m. The cast and crew includes:
Prince Eric- Hunter Nichols (‘16)
Sea Creature, Chef, Princess, Head of Publicity- Meghan Altimari (‘15)
Windward- JJ Zang (‘20)
Princess, Chef, Sea Creature- Grace Maffey (‘15)
Stage Manager: Leah Jungkunz (‘15)
Light Board: Gena Porotsky (‘15)

OCTOBER 17, 2017

Maura (Gettler) Korn (`04) is currently the Director of Admissions at Elder High School.  She graduated from McAuley High School in 2008 and Thomas More College in 2012.

The poster for McAuley’s presentation of Ramona Quimby was designed by Elizabeth Riedel ( ’14). The student pictrued on the poster is Emily Girmann (‘16).


La Salle Drama will be presenting the musical The Addams Family at La Salle High School. Congratulations to the alumni in the musical: Bryan Barry as Lurch ('14), Gabrielle Mouch ('15) as Alice, Ben Reeder ('17) as Pugsley, Kristin Elchynski ('14), Morgan Quattrone ('14), Cierra Blakeman ('16), and Jonathan Crase ('17) as Ancestors, Bradley Kramer ('16), Nicholas Stewart ('16), and Michael Hartig ('16) are part of crew. Show dates are Thursday, October 19 at 7:30, Saturday, October 21 at 3:00 & 8:30 & Sunday, October 22. at 3:00. Each show will be themed. For more information and tickets please visit   

Abby Krieger (‘14) and Kelly Kiganda (’14) are featured on one of the new Mercy McAuley billboards.

Green Township enlisted several new firefighters and met with St. James graduate Triffon Callos (‘96), Green Township’s Trustee.

Jordan Zulli (`14) and Ilyana Dennis (`14) received personal acceptance letters to Thomas More College from the college’s president, Dave Armstrong.  Click here for the story on Channel 12.    

Natalie Mouch (`13) was one of the 36 students from Saint Ursula Academy to be named an AP Scholar for 2017.  Natalie was named an AP Scholar with Distinction.  This is granted to students who receive an average score of at least 3.5 on all AP Exams taken, and scores of 3 or higher on five or more of these exams.  The Advanced Placement (AP) Program is run by College Board (the makers of the SAT) and allows students to take courses in high school that can earn college credit and/or qualify them for more advanced classes in college. The College Board grants AP Scholar Awards to recognize the high school students who have demonstrated college-level achievement through their AP courses and exams. 

Danielle Mouch (‘12) spent her summer as a live performer at Coney Island. She was a singer/dancer in 6 to 8 shows daily. She recently signed a contract to be a vocalist with a three women a cappela group this winter for Kings Island Winterfest. She is a sophomore music theatre major at Ohio Northern University.