Alumni News

JULY 1, 2021

Congratulations to the following young men who have been named to the La Salle High School 4th quarter honor roll:

Class of 2020 First Honors

Jacob DeLaet, Nate Gerhardstein, John Harlow, Andrew Knizner, Landon Lesko, Luke Limle, Kyle Reynolds, Michael Stewart, Jack Suer, Joe Suer, Tyler Weber, Harrison Wood, and JJ Zang.

Class of 2020 Second Honors

Luke Hageman

Class of 2019 First Honors

Mitch Creighton, Charlie Etris, Ryan Godbey, Jackson Gruber, AJ Hudepohl, Jude Ludwig, Joey Paulinelli, Jake Rhodes, Noah Seng, John Teuschler, Liam Venia, and Kenny Zang

Class of 2019 Second Honors

Ben Jungkunz, Gabe Loftus, and Dhruv Patel

Class of 2018 First Honors

Adam Deitschel, Jackson Huxel, Ben Kerth, Michael Lang, Raymond Lipps, Charlie Pearson, Austin Rack, Nick Ritter, Reece Robinson, Carson Schneider, and Luke Winiarski

Class of 2018 Second Honors

Ryan Reynolds

Class of 2017 First Honors

Zander Benz, Zachary Branam, Daniel Breslin, William Burba, Jayke Frederick, Andrew Greene, Evan Griffiths, Tommy Hambrick, Robby Heinecke, Ethan Lawson, Nathan Merritt, Jacob Minges, Joseph Nieman, John Peter, Benjamin Reeder, Benjamin Schloss, Ben Seibert, Zachary Torbeck, and Jimmy Wheeler

MAY 4, 2021
Congratulations to the following young women at Mercy McAuley High School who were honored with the following academic awards recognizing their effort and excellence in each curriculum:

Nora Ludwig (‘17) - English & World Languages

Mollie Bigner (‘17) - Fine Arts, Mathematics, & Science

Sydney Etris (‘17) - Fine Arts & Theology

Madelyn Junk (‘18) - Fine Arts

Natalie Smith (‘18) - Fine Arts & Social Studies

Sydney Neyer (‘20) - Fine Arts, Health & Wellness, & Science

Abby Johnston (‘19) - Health & Wellness

Elizabeth Verhoff (‘17)- Mathematics

Rose Hewald (‘18) - Mathematics & Science

Lizzie Schloss (‘19) - Mathematics & Social Studies

Kristina Rodriguez (‘17) - Science

Maggie  Wood (‘18) - Science

Leah Russell (‘19) - Science

Krishi Patel (‘17) - Theology

Elyse Kinney (‘19) - Theology

Elly Drake (‘20) - Theology


APRIL 12, 2021

Congratulations to the following young men who were named to the third quarter Honor Roll at La Salle High School.

Class of 2024

First Honors:

Nate Gerhardstein, Alexander Jovicic, Andrew Knizner, Landon Lesko, Luke Limle, William Owusu, Kyle Reynolds, Michael Stewart, Jack Suer, Joe Suer, and Tyler Weber.

Second Honors: Jacob Delaet, Bryson Fitzgerald, Luke Hageman, John Harlow, Ian Hufford, and Harrison Wood

Class of 2023

First Honors:

Mitch Creighton, Charlie Etris, Ryan Godbey, Jackson Gruber, AJ Hudepohl, Jude Ludwig, Joey Paulinelli, Jake Rhodes, Noah Seng, Johnathan Teuschler, and Liam Venia

Second Honors:

Dhruv Patel

Class of 2022

First Honors:

Matthew Bierman, Adam Deitschel, Jackson Huxel, Ben Kerth, Michael Lang, Raymond Lipps, Austin Rack, Ryan Reynolds, Nick Ritter, Reece Robinson, Benjamin Schleiff, Luke Schlimm, Carson Schneider, and Luke Winiarski

Second Honors:

Luke Elfers and Charlie Pearson

Class of 2021

First Honors:

Zander Benz, Kellen Bleh, Zachary Branam, Daniel Breslin, William Burba, Jayke Frederick, Evan Griffiths, Tommy Hambrick, Robby Heinecke, Nathan Merritt, John Peter, Benjamin Schloss, John Schweder, Ben Seibert, Jacob Soto, Zachary Torbeck, and Jimmy Wheeler


MARCH 30, 2021

Congratulations to the following young ladies who were named to the third quarter honor roll at Seton High School:

First Honors:

Kate Doll (‘20), Emma Buelterman (‘18), Lucy Graff (‘17), and Zoe Loftus (‘17)

Second Honors:

Mackenzie Griffin (‘20), Lauren Lesko (‘20), Lucy Wullenweber (‘18), and Abby Jungkunz (‘17)


FEBRUARY 9, 2021
Congratulations to the following young men who were named to the second quarter La Salle High School Honor Roll:

First Honors:

Class of 2020

Jacob DeLaet, Nate Gerhardstein, Luke Hageman, Alexander Jovicic, Andrew Knizner, Landon Lesko, Luke Limle, Kyle Reynolds, Michael Stewart, Jack Suer, Joe Suer, and Tyler Weber

Class of 2019

Mitch Creighton, Charlie Etris, Ryan Godbey, Jackson Gruber, AJ Hudepohl, Ben Jungkunz, Gabe Loftus, Jude Ludwig, Joey Paulinelli, Jake Rhodes, Noah Seng, Johnathan Teuschler, Liam Venia, and Kenny Zang

Class of 2018

Adam Deitschel, Andrew Fisher, Jackson Huxel, Ben Kerth, Michael Lang, Raymond Lipps, Charlie Pearson, Austin Rack, Ryan Reynolds, Nick Ritter, Reece Robinson, Carson Schneider, and Luke Winiarski

Class of 2017

Zander Benz, Kellen Bleh, Zachary Branam, Daniel Breslin, William Burba, Jayke Frederick, Evan Griffiths, Tommy Hambrick, Robby Heinecke, Nathan Merritt, Joseph Nieman, John Peter, Benjamin Reeder, Benjamin Schloss, John Schweder, Ben Seibert, Zachary Torbeck, and Jimmy Wheeler

Second Honors:

Class of 2020

Bryson Fitzgerald, Ian Hufford, and Harrison Wood

Class of 2019

Dhruv Patel, Sam Wingert, and Matthew Zimmer

Class of 2018

Luke Elfers

Class of 2017

Andrew Greene

FEBRUARY 2, 2021
Congratulations to the following young ladies who have been named to the Seton High School second quarter Honor Roll:

First Honors:

Class of 2018

Emma Buelterman

Class of 2017

Lucy Graff

Zoe Loftus

Second Honors:

Class of 2020

Mackenzie Griffin

Lauren Lesko

Class of 2018

Lucy Wullenweber

Class of 2017

Abigail Jungkunz

Congratulations to the following young men named to the St. Xavier High School second quarter Honor Roll:

First Honors:

Class of 2020

Keegan Barbee, Joey Knizner, Justin Kumar, Luke Meierjohan, and Dylan Wachtel

Class of 2019

Michael Hamburg and Austin Schraivogel

Class of 2018

Ryan Meierjohan, Joey Tonnis, and Kyle White

Class of 2017

Nicholas Bloemer, Evan Day, Thomas Fago, Charles Hewald, Connor Hickey, Justin Nienaber, and Eric Zimmerman

Second Honors:

Class of 2020

JD Bronstrop, Hayden Krieger, and Billy Porotsky

Class of 2018

Andrew Humbert

Class of 2017

David Jung and Aaron Porotsky

JANUARY 26, 2021
Congratulations to Emma Buelterman (’18), who was inducted into the National Honor Society at Seton High School.

Jacob Haap (‘17) recently graduated from high school a semester early, earning twelve college credits through Cincinnati State along the way. He is the CEO and Chairman of Different Human, a registered startup corporation. Jacob has been accepted into the summer session at Draper University, a program that will put him in contact with venture capitalists. Past speakers at Draper include people like Elon Musk. Over the past year, Jacob has organized multiple competitive tech events in Ohio and California - and additionally, he won another such event on the West Coast as a competitor. Jacob gave a TEDx talk last year at the Tech Olympics, and he plans to attend Flathead Community College in Montana in the Fall. Congratulations Jacob!

JANUARY 12, 2021
Congratulations to La Salle senior, Zach Branam (‘17), who was named the Division II Offensive Player of the Year for football. Zach was one of the Tri-GCL South Players of the Year and was First Team GCL. He accounted for 29 touchdowns (11 passing, 18 rushing) for the Lancers. He had 1,395 rushing yards and 1,536 throwing yards for the 8-3 Lancers who made it to the Division II state semifinals for a second straight year. As a junior, Branam led La Salle to the DII state title.

Congratulations to La Salle juniors, Austin Rack (’18) & Ryan Reynolds (‘18), who were named Division II First Team GCL in football.

Congratulations to La Salle junior, Charlie Pearson (’18), who was named Division I Second Team in soccer.

Congratulations to Mount Notre Dame junior, Emma Frey (’18), who was named Division I Honorable Mention in soccer.

Congratulations to Danielle Mouch (‘12), who made her debut at the Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre as Pinky Tuscadero in Happy Days the Musical. The musical is based off the hit TV show with popular characters such as the Fonz, Richie and Joanie Cunningham. Danielle will be performing in Florida until February 14 and continue the show in Lancaster, PA until April 3. 

JANUARY 5, 2021
Six La Salle seniors all graduated this year from the Lasalle golf program. They are all St. James graduates of the Class of 2017. Pictured are Ben Schloss, Joey Nieman, Jimmy Wheeler, John Peter, Andrew Greene and Tommy Hambrick. Congratulations on a great career!

DECEMBER 15, 2020
Congratulations to 2016 graduate, Hannah Schott, who recently enlisted in the US Air Force! Hannah left for Basic Training in San Antonio, TX, at Lackland Air Force Base. Good luck, Hannah and thank you for your service!

DECEMBER 8, 2020
Congratulations to 2018 graduate, Nick Uhl, who is starting right guard of the St. Xavier 2020 GCL Champions and Ohio Div. 1 Football State Championship Team of 2020!  Great work #61; we are so proud of you!

SEPTEMBER 22, 2020
The La Salle Lancer golf team is knee deep into their golf season this year. On this team are seven seniors, six of them St. James alumni, Class of 2017. On the team are Andrew Greene, Tommy Hambrick, Joey Nieman, John Peter, Ben Schloss and Jimmy Wheeler. All of these boys played for the St. James golf team and continued their play into high school. Some of these boys have played all four years for the Lancers. Congratulations to them all and good luck to them and the entire La Salle golf team!

SEPTEMBER 15, 2020
Congratulations to the Evan Day (‘17), named a semifinalist in the 2021 National Merit Scholarship Competition! Evan is a senior at St. Xavier High School

Congratulations to Billy Porotsky ('20), who was awarded the David Bradley Wick Foundation Scholarship. This scholarship is used toward tuition at a local Archdiocesan or Interparochial high school. Billy is a freshman at St. Xavier.


Jake Knapke (‘13) recently created Everybody Headwear. Visit the website to check out his selection of hats.

Allie Lammers (‘20), goalkeeper for the Mount Notre Dame Cougars, earned a win in her first varsity start on 8/24/20.