Religious Education
Religion is not just a subject at St. James School.  It is part of who we are.

Instruction, discipline, and interactions among members of the school community are rooted in Jesus’ Law of Love.  Students and staff strive to live as the Body of Christ.

There are many opportunities for students to provide service to one another, to the school community as a whole, and to the broader community in which we live.  Eighth grade students, in particular, are encouraged to take leadership roles in the area of service, with opportunities ranging from serving as ushers, coordinators, greeters, and other leadership roles during Mass to leading prayer in the classrooms at special times during the school year.

Prayer sustains and supports all the words and actions of the St. James School community.  Our individual and communal worship of God is the foundation of all we do at St. James.  We praise God with formal and informal prayer – through prayer services and spontaneous prayer – with spoken words, singing, and movement – at work, at play, and at rest.  Our goal as a school community is to live our mission and strive to praise God through our words and actions.

Theology of the Body Campus 

St. James School is a Theology of the Body (TOB) Campus. This means that we are a community of persons where everyone is seen as a gift.  It's a way of looking at others that upholds the dignity of every human person.  It's a way of living, in gratitude for God's love for us, that recognizes our mission to serve the needs of our brothers an sisters.  Theology of the Body is an awakening to what it means to be human, developed by Pope St. John Paul II:

1. Who we are.  
2. Why we are here.
3. What it means to love. 
4. How we can find real happiness.

Our Religion teachers have adopted the TOB curriculum into their classrooms and there is a consistent language throughout our school that supports a vision of truth, goodness, and beauty alive in creation! For more information on TOB, click here