Academic Services

St. James is fortunate to be able to offer support services to assist students to reach their potential. We are committed to meeting the needs of every student. The following services are provided on an as needed basis.

All Paws In
All Paws In is a program that was designed and implemented in order to help St. James answer the questions, "How do we respond when students don't learn?" and "How do we respond when they already know it?"  All Paws In is a systematic approach that relies heavily on progress monitoring, small group learning, and differentiated instruction to both minimize learning gaps and provide opportunities to extend beyond the grade level curriculum.  The program is woven into the school day and is facilitated by grade level teachers, intervention specialists, and the gifted education specialist.  Currently, the program serves students in grades one, two, three, and four. 

Gifted Education Specialist
Our Enrichment Reading program is designed to better meet the needs of those students who excel in reading, and is for qualifying students in grades four, five, and six. Our gifted education teacher utilizes the same basic curriculum as outlined by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati and the State of Ohio; however, she modifies instruction to adequately challenge these learners. Instructional pacing is much faster, the content is more in-depth, and there is a strong emphasis on enrichment and the development of critical thinking and higher order thinking skills.

Intervention Specialists
Our two Intervention Specialists provide a supportive, remediation-based program in one or more content areas where students have been identified as having special learning needs. These specialists develop appropriate annual and short-term goals for these students and collaborate with classroom teachers to assure the coordination of services. Within the classroom setting our Intervention Specialists can provide assistance to any student in need of extra help and collaborate with teachers in modifying lessons and assignments in order to best meet all students' needs.  St. James also participates in the John Peterson Scholarship program through the State of Ohio for students placed on an Individualized Education Program (IEP). 

Occupational Therapist 
Our Occupational Therapist designs purposeful and goal-directed activities to enable students with disabilities to benefit from an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). She specifically plans and implements therapy to assist in the development of underlying performance components that are prerequisites for academic learning. Depending on the individual student, intervention may include improving gross and fine motor skills, sensorimotor processing, coordination, adapting to environments, and organizing and using material appropriately.

School Psychologist 
Our Psychologist works with students to help them succeed academically, socially, behaviorally, and emotionally. He collaborates with educators, parents, and other professionals to create safe, healthy, and supportive learning environments that strengthen connections between home, school, and the community for all students. 

School Nurse
Our full-time Registered Nurse implements a school health services program to maintain and promote the health of the St. James School community. Our nurse manages students’ day-to-day health needs, illnesses, medical emergencies, and health screenings. The nurse also coordinates and oversees the distribution of medication as well as the Individualized Care Plan for students with chronic medical conditions, such as asthma, food allergies, diabetes, migraines, and other allergies. 

Speech-Language Therapist 
Our full-time Speech-Language Pathologist identifies children with speech-language handicaps in the areas of: articulation, receptive language, expressive language, fluency, and voice. This specialist develops appropriate annual and short-term goals for these students and collaborates with classroom teachers to assure the coordination of services. 

Title I Reading Tutor
Our Title I Reading tutor plans, implements, and evaluates the reading intervention experiences of students through small group diagnostic, instructional, and evaluative programs. She provides support to qualifying students who are experiencing academic difficulty within the reading curriculum.  Reading instruction is conducted within a small group or individual format to remediate skills and maximize learning potential.